Hi Jin,

I just wanted to tell you that my daughter started using your Grow Taller herbal formula and in 2 weeks, she has seen growth about 1/4 of an inch, she is so excited! She will keep taking it. I will keep you posted!

Joanna N. Vestal, NY, May 12, 2012 (Her daughter is 16 years old)

My daughter noticed growing pain, just from the first bottle!
Patty R. Beth, NY June 7, 2012 (Her girl is 14 years old)

Hi Jin,
This is Sumona from Washington DC. Please send two bottles of the Grow Tall supplement for my daughter. Please charge it to the CC you have on file. Answering to your last email-Diya started taking the supplement September 2015, she has grown a full two inches and a little more till now. She is now 12 years old, and is 4' 10”.
Thank you!
你好 瑾, 我是华盛顿DC的苏莫娜. 请为我女儿寄2瓶增高灵保健品. 请在你已有档案的信用卡上收费. 回答你上次的E妹儿-蒂雅2015年9月开始服用
增高灵保健品, 现在已经长了足足2英吋之多. 她现在12岁, 4英尺10英吋。谢谢!

Latest news from Linda, CA: my daughter grow 1 inch since started your Grow Taller herbs in January! Less than 4 month. May 8, 2013 (Linda's daughter is 13 years old)

Rebecca is taller than Jin Fang, her mother. She was Georgetown University graduation speaker on May 17, 2012. Now Rebecca is at Harvard University.

Another speech on October 28, 2011 in National Portrait Gallery in DC.

Grow Taller-Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine

Q: Any side effects from Grow Taller?

A: No known side effects. Safe and effective, if take it at right age for girls and boys.

Q:What is right age?

A: Is your elementary child tall for her age?  Then she needs the Grow Taller herb supplement! Why? Because Grow Taller will keep her bones growing even into Middle School.

Q: Are your kids the tallest one in their elementary class? 

A: If so, then they will likely stop growing very soon!  Grow Taller Herb will help them keep  growing taller!

This herb will complement your child's natural growth spurt and help them grow taller.  Please consult with Jin Fang for further details.

Q: Do your children want to play sports?  Do they dream of having a good job? 

A: Then the Grow Taller Herb will help accentuate your child's elementary school growth spurt.

Rebecca is also a fine pianist

Patty and her daughterwith Jin Fang, 2012

Rebecca performing at the Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan, summer of 2007

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